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Aviation Safety

Safety Frameworks & Certification

  • Business development, including initial certification and subsequent re-certifications

  • Exposition writing

  • Safety Management System development and implementation      

  • Just Culture documentation and promotion

  • Confidential Reporting protocol

  • Leading of Risk Workshops and development of Risk Registers

WW1 Curtiss Jenny crashes into a tree

Staff Training in:

  • Organisational Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance, to the EASA / CASA syllabus.

  • Flight Crew Human Factors

  • Just Culture

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

Independent Audits and Investigations:

  • Flight Operations

  • Engineering

  • Maintenance Control

  • Ground Handling

  • Training

  • Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Audits of Suppliers

  • Supporting your organisation during external audits.

  • Negative audit Business Continuity and Recovery

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