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Health and Safety

Organisational Culture is the shared values and beliefs, which drive behaviour, which in turn impacts performance.  In simple terms when an organisation creates the belief that individual effort makes a difference, that drives "Want To" behaviours, that result in a more engaged and productive workforce.  Conversely when an organisation creates the belief that individual effort does not make any difference, this drives "Have To" behaviours that result in a disengaged less productive workforce.  Health & safety performance is also determined by the culture of your organisation, where culture collectively includes:





ICARUS offer a comprehensive range of Health & Safety support, tailored to your specific business.  Our aviation experience provides an added insight into managing safety, which can be applied across industry sectors.  This includes:


  • Safety promotion and leadership development, not just at Officer level (i.e. Directors and CEO's), but layers of leadership and safety champions throughout the organisation 

  • Conducting Safety Cultural Surveys

Processes & Policies

  • Policies; which establish the rules of conduct, intentions and direction of your organisation

  • Safety Management Plans; which describe the scope of the safety and risk management system, outlining the processes and procedures required to ensure the safety of your people and maintain compliance with the organisation’s policies, regulatory and legislative requirements, covering:

    • Safety and Risk Management

    • Incident Reporting & investigation

    • Emergency Response

  • Hazard / Risk Register development

  • Risk Management

  • Event Management Plans


Safe Behaviours

  • Just Culture training

  • Setting behavioural expectations which align with the organisations culture and values

  • Encouraging workers to speak-up when they see unsafe behaviours  (i.e. "look after your mates")

Training & Equipment

  • Active Safety Promotion

  • Training in the organisations health & safety policy and processes

  • Reviewing safety critical activities to ensure that training is fit for purpose

  • Machine Guarding Assessments

  • Risk Management training

  • Root Cause Analysis training

 With a strong Health & Safety framework in place, we can further support your business over time with:

  • Auditing of the Health & Safety Management system

  • Independent incident / accident investigations

Health and Safety Culture
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