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Landing is Optional - Zephyr 8 Dossier

For the last 2 years Phillip Stott has been part of the amazing team at Kea Aerospace in Christchurch, New Zealand, developing a HAPS, i.e. High Altitude Pseudo Satellite or High Altitude Platform Station, depending on your preference. (See related Blog from April 2023). There is truly impressive progress being made, however it is the competing Zephyr family of HAPS which are arguably leading the technology race. Originally envisaged by Qinetiq in the UK, the program was then taken up by Airbus and more recently has been spun off under AALTO. The link below to a recent article publish by Uncrewed Systems Technology provides an insight to the R&D process and achievements to date.

Uncrewed Systems Technology Dec_Jan 2024 AALTO Zephyr 8
Download PDF • 2.55MB

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